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With the catastrophic 2008 market collapse, and the $700 Billion bail-out of Wall Street (of which Freddie Mac, Fanni Mae and AIG were at the center) Democratic Earth is the only free market left, and DECB the only free market bank. All other banks and economies are comprimises of a free market economy. The free market has been blindly (and incorrectly) blamed for this economic crisis, when the GSEs (government sponsored entities) were at the very core of the collapse. A good free market bank is fiscally conservative, with a proper sinking fund (capital pool) at it's base. FDIC, or any other type of government backed insurance, which Freddie Mac and Fanni Mae were, will only create the financial panic seen in 1929 and 2008.

The with the fraud of Madoff, the regulatory failures of both the congressional oversight committees and the SEC - it's time for a major change in banking. No more compromises on freedom and no more compromises on the free market. As well, No more hidden fees, fine print, complex legal terms, and/or fraud sold as a good business practice.

Standards, Terms & Conditions
(1. Main)

  1. There will be no hidden terms and/or conditions.
  2. There will be no complex legal jargon, easy read English is the standard here.
  3. There will be no fine print - ever.
  4. There will be no upfront fee - ever.
  5. All fees will be billed on a 30-day net basis.
  6. Fees will adjusted for special cases.
  7. Fees will never be structured to push a client into bankruptcy.
  8. All public terms & conditions will be visible here on the website.
  9. All private terms & conditions (for security purposes, and dealing with security) will visible between the bank and the customer - only.
  10. All public & private terms, conditions, agreements, etc., are within the context of "good faith".
  11. We will never accept, or ask (solicit), government funds.
  12. There is no physical address for this bank, because we are a global internet bank.
  13. There is no phone number because email is our primary communication platform.
  14. The DECB banking system is new, and still being developed.
  15. This bank is a Global American company, under Democratic Earth (a sovereign entity), and not to any specific geographical location. Consequently, Democratic Earth (and it's citizens) is not bound to any laws other than those of Democratic Earth.
  16. All clients are assumed to be Global American citizens.
  17. Identity theft is not your fault, it's an inherent flaw with the current credit and banking system - so we designed a new one! To protect you from identity theft we have installed several measures;
    1. Visible Security features in our emails;
    2. Your email address is your id;
    3. An indentity verification process for every account and/or service;
    4. Verified email account access, with monthly statements (rather than an online account that can be hacked);
    5. email confirmation of each (and every) transaction, fee, or charge;
    6. No account information is stored online, unlike an online line account;
  18. Unless otherwise stated, or agreed on, fees will be automatically deducted from the customer's account.
  19. Customers, who are in a serious financial situation (through no fault of our own) will have the amount owed adjusted to an amount within the customers budget, which would include a interest of no more the 15%/year.
  20. Interest on amount owed does not begin until 30 days after billing due date ; typically a 60 day grace.

Help Desk

We answer all customer inquires within 48 hours. Solicitations will be reviewed for qualification.

A Proud Global American Institution